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door county

wisconsin, USA


brewing co.

since 2009



Tapuat, LLC is committed to the synergistic power of local, small-scale, responsible production and commerce in order to better our lives, our communities, and Mother Earth.


We are passionate about making products that assist people on their path through life's labyrinth.


We enjoy creating a broad spectrum of craft-beverages for health-conscious consumers of all ages and palates.

We make Organic fermented beverages that are medicinal and herb-forward, primary fermentation being the place where the real magic happens.


what does "TAPUAT" mean?


When searching for a name for the symbol we drew to represent our company, a Mother Goddess inside a maze, we came upon the word Tapuat.  In 2009, when we started this company, if you were to type "Tapuat" into a search engine you would find many sites that claim "Tapuat" is a Hopi word for the Labyrinth symbol.


Fast-forward to 2020...  We were recently questioned by a retail company regarding our name, and were put in a position where we had to do some digging and soul searching on the ever intensifying and divisive subject of cultural appropriation.  We were told by this company that even though our intentions were positive, that using symbolism from a culture from which we had not blood relation is, in fact, harmful to Indigenous Peoples.  So, we kept digging.


In our research recently we have found something very interesting indeed:

Tapuat is not a Hopi word, and the labyrinth is not a Hopi symbol alone.  All these years we've attributed this idea and symbology to a tribe, and it wasn't theirs.  We sincerely cannot find who made up the word Tapuat!  Additionally, the labyrinth symbol has been used for thousands of years cross-culturally all over the world.  So, we have been faced with some tough and strange circumstances.  The answer we've come up with is this: We are not going to change our name or rebrand under a different moniker.  Tapuat is us, it is our culture, it has become something meaningful to us, our staff, family, and our loyal customers.  And although we loved the idea that attributing the symbol to Hopi was a positive form of cultural appreciation, it seems it was, instead, misinformation.  We are taking the Hopi name off our bottle and attributing the labyrinth symbol to the cosmic-culture ideals we believe in, whole-heartedly.  Our products are made with loving intention, for the health and wellbeing of people of all races, ages, and creeds.

More about Labyrinths:


Labyrinths date back to early Crete, Egypt, Peru and India and were used for ritual walking and spiritual contemplation.


Moving through a Labyrinth changes ordinary ways of perception connecting the inner and the outer, the right brain and the left brain, the involutional and the evolutional through a series of paths that represent the realms of the Gods and Goddesses. These realms are associated with planetary movement as a process that induces Union with the One.


Our ancestors knew that the Divine in nature was an extension of their own humanity and depended on this relationship to support their very existence. In remembering the lessons of old we can think of the earth as an extension of our own body. We realize we must care for our natural resources as an extension of ourselves. These lessons teach only to take what is needed and to always give back that which we can.


Labyrinths are known as sacred gateways and have been found at the entrance of ancient sites around the world. Often located at the center of subtle 'earth energies' these temples enhance, balance, regenerate and confirm our unity with the cosmos.


Spiraling inward and out, this serpentine flow is the most generative form of subtle energy. The process of moving through the pathway unwinds this stored energy, releasing, magnifying, and ultimately harnessing the flow. Working directly in conjunction with the human energy fields this spiraling flow interacts with the kundalini energy coiled at the base of our spine converting the subtle energy into life force itself. This uncoiling vitalizes us through a process of unfolding both upwards and inwards, an exhalation and ingathering of energies known as the dance of creation.



Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 9.26.31 AM.png

Tapuat founders Nicholas and Mary Lou Deviley met in 2006 and began brewing Kombucha together in 2008 in their Juice Bar in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.  


Nick was born and raised in Green Bay, WI., where his love for real food started in his parents' backyard garden and his Grandpa Deviley's century farm in Howard, WI.  Nick believes that eating clean and acknowledging the source of the food you eat positively impacts the whole body and soul.

Nick is the director of sales for Tapuat.


Mary is a native Texan and went to The University of Texas at Austin to play soccer.  Healthy eating was always a priority for her as an athlete. She studied herbal medicine in her own time and loves to discuss health and wellness with anyone who is interested.  She finds a connection within herself to the ancient traditions of female medicine-makers.  


Nick and Mary and their six children have made a home in Sister Bay, WI. 

They enjoy being surrounded by freshwater, solitude, the beautiful changes brought with each season, as well as the ability to be part of a thriving local community. 

Meet The Team


Kat Kerscher
Operations Manager

Young in mind and spirit, Kat is always looking for new adventures.  Her world spins from all the love of family and friends, gardening, bike riding, long walks and paying attention to nature.


"I have retired 3 times already, I love my position at Tapuat LLC, and if you love what you do it isn't work, it's making great products with a great team whom I call my Tapuat Family.


In 2022 I am committing to a new hobby - honey bee keeping!  I am excited and together with my grandson Jace, we are going to make a difference by helping the ecosystem and cleaning up our share on this earth! Always do you, believe in yourself and stand up for what matters, after all, who else is going to do it if you are not already leading by example!  Cheers!"

Bill Wickham
Sales & Merchandising

Lover of people, music, animals, and the outdoors.  Considers himself a fanatical Golden Rule adherent. 

Bike Handles
Craig Chernetski
Maintenance and Production

Tony Estrada
Taproom Manager

Husband, Father,

Customer Service Superstar.

Holly Jaklin
Sales & Merchandising

Nature-loving, herbal medicine crafting, mama bear. You can catch her biking the trails, with her nose often in a plant book, and camping regularly under the stars with her family.

"I believe that the Earth Mother provides sacred medicine to each human that walks this earthly plane...Just open up your eye."

Bike Handles

Francisco Estrada
Production Manager

Outside of Tapuat Francisco enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, and trying new things.

Dave Webb
Sales & Merchandising

In his free time he enjoys working on a prairie restoration project within the Cook County Forest preserves, or possibly checking on some bluebird houses . Other hobbies include camping, never ending home remodeling and having family time with my wife and two teenagers.

"Find me in the Chicagoland area visiting your local grocery store making sure the shelves are stocked with your favorite Tapuat flavors."

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