tapuat is..

the hopi symbol for




Although the Tapuat symbol has been attributed to the Hopi, similar maze-type symbols have been found in other tribes and cultures around the world.  Nearly all indigenous people recognize this symbol as the icon for the cycle of human life.


The Tapuat symbol  is also an icon for mother and her child. 


The lines on the symbol represent stages of life, and the path of moving 

always within the surrounding watchfulness of the Mother.


The center symbolizes the amniotic sack - the center of life - the beginning.


In this light, we are made aware of life on many levels because we sense our individual connection with both physical mother as well as with the Mother Earth and even the Cosmic Mother.


As a "life-labyrinth" we can see the various turns taken with every choice we make in life.

With each choice, our path turns in a new direction.


Hopi legend indicates the world was created in underground caves called kivas. These caves are considered the womb of Mother Earth.  From these underground spaces all mankind emerged after the first creative waters of the earth receded. 


Humans needed to move through the underground tunnels (labyrinths) to find their way to the earth's surface. This took trust in the Mother spirit as well as calm, cool intelligence in order to find the True Path.



The Kombucha culture is often referred to as "The Mother",

and strongly resembles, in its form, a placental mass that nourishes human life.  

mission & Vision:

Tapuat is committed to the synergistic power of local, small-scale, responsible production and commerce in order to better our lives, our communities, and Mother Earth.


We are passionate about making products that assist people on their path through life's labyrinth.


We enjoy creating a broad spectrum of craft-beverages for health-conscious consumers of all ages and palates.


meet the makers:

Tapuat founders Nick and Mary Deviley met in 2006 and began brewing Kombucha together in 2008 in their Juice Bar in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.  


Nick was born and raised in Green Bay, WI., where his love for real food started in his parents backyard garden and his Grandpa Deviley's century farm in Howard, WI.  Nick believes that eating clean and acknowledging the source of the food you eat positively impacts the whole body and soul.


Mary is a native Texan, and went to The University of Texas at Austin to play soccer.  Healthy eating was always a priority for her as an athlete.  She studied herbal medicine in her own time, and loves to discuss health and wellness with anyone who is interested.  She finds a connection within herself to the ancient traditions of  female medicine-makers.



Nick and Mary and their four children have made a home in Sister Bay, WI. 

They enjoy being surrounded by fresh water, solitude, the beautiful changes brought with each season, as well as the ability to be part of a thriving local community.