Located in Sister Bay

in beautiful Door County WI

The Kitschinn Juicery

10440 Orchard Drive

Sister Bay, WI 54234

Phone: (920) 854-5941

Winter Hours:

Open Thursday - Monday 10 am to 4 pm

Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

- Also in DOOR COUNTY, WI -

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A Kegerator is a beverage dispensing refrigerator for kegs.

You can think of the term ‘Kegerator’ as a blend of the words Keg and Refrigerator.


CO2 tank

The CO2 tank is the source of pressure (via carbon dioxide) to push your kombucha through your liquid lines and out of your keg into your glass. CO2 tanks will come in a variety of sizes from 2.5 lb to 20 lbs – a good standard being 5lbs. You can refill your CO2 once it runs out by contacting your local gas dealers or welding supply outlets.


CO2 Regulator

The regulator is what you use to view the amount of pressure of your CO2, which should be adjusted to reach the optimal level - You’ll have to tinker around to find what works best with your particular kegerator, but the recommended setting is around 6 to 12 PSI. Regulators are available as a single gauge, which allows you to gauge the pressure-level or as a dual gauge, which allows you to gauge both the pressure-level and the amount of CO2 left in the tank canister.



Also called the tap handle, this is simply the lever that dispenses your draft beer.



The shank is the component that connects the beer line to the tower.



The coupler is the part used to tap into a keg of beer. It connects the Keg to your CO2 and your faucet. Tapuat kegs are System D – The D System is the most common keg coupler type, known as Sankey.