medicine wheel series

The Medicine Wheel and its sacred teachings assist individuals along the path towards mental, spiritual, emotional and physical enlightenment.  The teachings found on the Medicine Wheel, are among the oldest teachings of First Nations people and create a bio-psychosocial and spiritual foundation for human behaviour and interaction.


The medicine wheel teachings are about walking the earth in a peaceful and  way, they assist in helping to seek; healthy minds (East), strong inner spirits (South), inner peace (West) and strong healthy bodies (North). 


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Channel the Incan Jaguar Spirit!

This blend aims to stimulate the heart and warm the soul.  Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar levels; Cacao improves circulation; Maca Root, rich in B Vitamins, increases endurance, and balances hormones. 

Sing and Dance with your inner child!


This blend cools, stimulates, and supports general healing and rejuvenation.  Moringa is an antioxidant powerhouse, containing a high concentration of essential nutrients, including calcium, potassium, and Vitamin A.  Aloe is high in Amino and Fatty Acids, which are helpful in reducing allergy symptoms and acid indigestion. 

Spread your wings and take flight!


This blend shakes you from your nest.

Forget the minute details of daily life and experience vision from a greater perspective.


Detach from fear, anger, and hate!


The white buffalo is a sacred symbol for abundance and manifestation, and the North is representative of Elder Wisdom.

Chaga, a powerful medicinal mushroom, supports the immune system, so you feel strong from the inside out, and able to actualize your visions.